Birth Doula

Birth Doula

Doula-ing is the act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating and assisting a woman and her partner during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and after.

A birth doula package includes the following:

  • 2 prenatal sessions of 1.5 hours each where we discuss aspects such as the birth process, what to expect, comfort measures and the ideal labor and birth environment. Thereafter we formulate this into a birth preferences plan.
  • Continuous support throughout the pregnancy.
  • An on-call period for the family from week 38.
  • Continuous labor and birth support.
  • A postnatal session after the birth of the baby.

During the labor and birth process I will be your constant companion, advising you on your options, offering pain relief through massage, counterpressure and various other methods. I will advise you on position changes to ensure optimal labor. I will also support your partner in any way needed and give them direction on how to support you best. I will maintain a safe space for you with a calming environment. Most importantly, I will provide you and your partner with emotional support.

Virtual Support

Virtual doula support will consist of the same informational and emotional birth support however it will take place online.
Virtual doula packages will include:

  • 2 prenatal sessions of 1.5 hours each where we discuss aspects such as the birth process, what to expect, comfort measures, and the ideal labor and birth environment.
  • Continuous support throughout the pregnancy.
  • An on-call period for the family from week 38.
  • During birth continuous virtual support via video call/ phone or Whatsapp, this will be tailored to the family’s needs.
  • A personalized birth doula bag which will include some tools for pain relief such as massage balls, heat pad and essential oils, and a picture guide with positions and pain relief methods.
  • 2 postnatal sessions of an hour each.

I also offer personalized virtual assistance for all of my services, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss how I am able to serve your needs.

Virtual Support


Postnatal Doula

Postnatal services normally offer personalized home visits to support you, as a new Mom, in adjusting to your new role and life. These services include:

  • Evidence based information on aspects such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing and basic newborn care.
  • Breastfeeding support if needed.
  • Helping the new family to adjust during those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby, so both parents can feel more confident in their roles.
  • Taking care of the little one so mom can have a much deserved break to have a snack or even enjoy a long bath
  • A balanced home cooked meal to nourish mom and/or a snack such as lactation muffins. Most importantly I offer non-judgemental emotional support and companionship to the new family.

“Presence, patience and compassionate support make the impossible possible”
– Dara DeSoto

Babywearing Support

Baby wearing is a very old tradition that has gained great popularity again, and it is easy to see why as it has so many benefits that could make your life so much easier.

With all the benefits that baby wearing presents, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which carrier to purchase or which carrier would suit you and your baby’s needs the best. It can also be daunting trying to figure out how to use your carrier optimally for you and your baby’s comfort.

If you require assistance deciding on a carrier, fitting your own carrier, or any questions regarding different types of carriers, I offer one-on-one consultation in the comfort of your home or online.

During a consultation you can learn about the benefits of babywearing, the main types of carriers and even get to test some carriers to find out what suits your needs best. A session can also be booked to assist with a particular carrier you already own, we will discuss and practice the correct usage and how to safely take your little one in and out of the carrier.



Breastfeeding Counselor

Coming soon

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience between mom and baby where mom provides all the nourishment that baby will need. It however does not always come without challenges. As a breastfeeding counselor I can assist with the small challenges that come up during those first weeks or even later months of breastfeeding.

My Packages

I offer a free 20 minute meet and greet.